Why Kids Love Josh Hamilton

All of us have read or heard about Josh Hamilton’s incredible story, and last night, many of us were lucky enough to witness on TV his stunning home run exhibition in the first round of the Home Run Derby (in which he hit an amazing 28 home runs, a record).

Personally, I’m deeply inspired by Josh Hamilton’s comeback from drug and alcohol addiction (as is Peter Gammons, who writes so eloquently about the meaning of Hamilton in his blog) and I’m rooting hard for his continued success. I only wish he were on the Red Sox, so I could watch him play and cheer for him every day.

But what I want to write about tonight is the impact that Hamilton has had on my 9 year-old son. This kid is a fiercely loyal Red Sox fan, and in his four years as an “aware” fan of the game, Josh Hamilton is only the third non-Red Sox player he has rooted for with passion (the others are Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciaparra). Why does he like Josh Hamilton so much? Two reasons:

1. On Patriots Day, April 22, I took my two sons and a friend of theirs to the Red Sox-Rangers game. Afterwards, they spotted a Rangers player signing autographs near the Rangers dugout. “Daddy, can we run over there and get his autograph?” Sure, you can try, I replied. I hadn’t seen a player sign autographs after a game at Fenway Park since I was a kid, in the late ’70s or early ’80s, and I could feel their excitement about scoring a major leaguer’s autograph. They were at the back of a large line of people, but the unknown Rangers player signed and signed and posed for photos with anyone who was interested. By the time my oldest son and his friend reached the front of the line, the player had been signing for perhaps ten minutes, and he seemed to be in no hurry to go take a shower.

He signed my son’s hat, then politely and calmly posed for a photo with my son and his friend. What do you say, I whispered. “Thank you,” my son said. You’re welcome, buddy, the player replied. As we walked away, the player continued to sign autographs and pose for photos. “Who was that?” I asked my son. “Josh Hamilton, see?” he replied, showing me the autograph on the white brim of his Red Sox cap. The kids glowed all the way home, their Fenway experience having ended in a magical way.

2. Last night, Hamilton won our hearts forever with monumental shot after monumental shot, his 71 year-old former high school baseball coach pitching to him, and his proclamation to FOX sportscaster Erin Andrews that he had dreamed the exact scene, including being interviewed by her. “Mommy, come in here if you want to see history being made!” my son yelled after HR number 25. He was mesmerized. So was I. (Weren’t you??)

Today at my son’s day camp, the kids were given t-shirts and invited to decorate them with markers. When I picked him up in the late afternoon, he was wearing a homemade all-star team replica shirt with the word “American” scrawled across the front and the name “Hamilton” written in block letters across the top of the back of the shirt. (Oops, Hamilton isn’t #21, he’s #32…. details…) He wore the t-shirt the rest of the day, even while we watched seven Red Sox players compete in the All-Star Game.

Hamilton’s improbable transformation makes him a fascinating figure to the media and all of us adult fans, but that side of the player means almost nothing to young baseball fans out there. They love the guy for simple reasons — he’s a phenomenal, graceful, exciting ballplayer, and he takes time to talk with them, sign an autograph, and pose for a photo. With 750 major leaguers, it’s remarkable that so few comprehend the profound influence they can have on young people in this way.

11 responses to “Why Kids Love Josh Hamilton

  1. It was nice to see a positive story like Hamilton’s coming out of MLB after all the Mitchell Report, steriods, A-Rod/Madonna stuff we have had this year.

    J.D. Drew also helped diffuse the Papelbon/Rivera story too by stealing the show last night.

  2. Josh Hamilton managed to bounce back, and for that you gotta give the guy a lotta respect :-)

  3. Hamilton is indeed a great story. To me, a big part of his star power is due to his ackowledgement that he is not out of the woods yet. Apparently, he won’t go out without his friend because he still does not trust himself. He is totally worth rooting for and, despite his past, we can feel good rooting for him.

  4. It is sad that adults in this world tend to dwell on the negative. KIDS forgive and forget. We should ALL take a lesson from youngsters, who have a better perceptioon of life than we OLD FOLKS. WE are tainted by experience.

    Kids just enjoy life and what comes their way – UNTIL THEY GROW UP!

    Congratulations to Josh for overturning his demons. Let’s celebrate a quality player and a good baseball story!

  5. Rob — Haven’t checked in for awhile but since your Sox are in town right now…. Lester put on a clinic last night. Hope that liner off his leg is only a bruise and nothing more.

    Like Lester, sometimes there are things that transcend team allegiances. Hamilton is another story like that. Like others who have posted, he is humble enough to know that he has a weakness and puts himself in a position to be clean by not carrying around lots of cash and having a monitor. Some people may judge that negatively but I look at it as someone who is humble and clearly wants to do something positive.

    Your story just reaffirms why I cheer for Hamilton as well.

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  7. “Come in here if you want to see history being made.” That might be one of my favorite quotes ever, because it is exactly how I felt when I was watching it.

  8. This was a wonderful article, and couldn’t be more on point as far as the true graze of Josh Hamilton. I’m 29 years old and found myself waiting in line for his autograph today at the O’s vs Rangers game. I wanted his autograph not only because he is a great player, but also due to my great admiration I have for what he went through and how he has overcome it all. Not only was he nice to everyone he stayed and signed for at least 30 min prior to the game. He is a true example of what a athlete should be like!

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