RLCI am Rob Crawford. In October of 2007, I placed second in the election for President of Red Sox Nation, and Jerry Remy selected me to be Vice President.

Baseball and parenthood dominate my consciousness. To understand why, check out this article, entitled, “What I Love About Baseball,” and this article, entitled, “Birth of a Believer.”


Email me at RobertLCrawford@yahoo.com.

24 responses to “Who

  1. Yo Bro’

    I love coming to Crawdaddy Cove. You are a remarkable big broddah. Hopefully, it’s not too late for MORE of you to rub off on me.


  2. I LOVE your blog. I love the way it looks. I love the thoughtful commentary on life topics. I love your willingness to put yourself “out there” and take on life in big gulps. The world needs more Rob Crawfords.

  3. Rob

    Thanks for the kind note and link to your blog.

    Indeed, the world needs a few more Rob Crawfords!


  4. verpen_belarus

    Rob, thank you! Thank you for the life lessons you give. Probably, it’s a common responsibility to share such a knowledges/idea with other people, but not many of us really do it. Sure, everyone have his own thought on life events, but it’s very useful to know others’ positions; it helps to fix yours.

    It’s little bit hard to read a party philosophic articles in English for me, but I read your blog without the thoughts about how to translate it. Otherway, I can read you thougths here, instead of the words. That’s grate!

    Thank you and other people who do what you do!

  5. happy to find the blog as I was looking for your e-mail. Robert Earl Keen will be in in Northampton in November…hmmmm

  6. Stage 5 — what might that be. Delusional. Like Shaughnasy’s column today saying regular season is a warmup for the playoffs — just like the patriots.

    Like believing we’re going to waltz into post season seven games up — and no fight from the big bad empire to the South.

    Loved the blog. Can’t pull up the song.

    Received CD’s but was gone for three days and only now catching up. Can’t wait to hear it.

    Go Sox.

  7. Hey Rob!
    Great blog…and song…and campaign platform! I’m rootin’ for ya.

  8. Presidente Roberto!

    Me encanta tu blog. You got skillz, my man! You should lead the Nation. You’re a passionate man. I put all 350 of my pounds behind your candidacy.


  9. Sent the note from Joanna to several RedSox Nation members. I’ll vote tomorrow.


    (Tom’s Brother)

  10. Hey Rob,

    It’s been about ten years now since my Derby days and I still have not forgotten being in the classroom or on the basketball court with you. You’ve always remained a real inspiration. You have my vote. I just posted to my Red Sox Nation group composed of a thousand faithful Red Sox fans at Boston University. Hope all is well. Keep up the great work.

  11. Rob,
    Your blog and your comportment during the campaign were exemplary, but even more so was the gracious manner in which you approached it all. Love the blog and love that we are raising our kids the same…it must be something in the Taylor Crossway water…..
    Keep it up!
    NY Chapter of RSN

  12. Hey Rob –

    Congratulations on the Vice Presidency! My mom has been keeping me updated with all of the OSC mailings.

    I can’t think of a better person for the position (well, except maybe your Dad).

    Good Luck!

  13. Andrea Wessling

    Hi, Mr. Crawford! Congrats on being VP for Red Sox Nation! Thank you for my 10-year letter last year; what a wonderful, surprise gift in the mail. Go, Sox!

  14. Hi Rob:

    Geez. I cannot figure out how to send you a message via that BHS thingie. Let me know what’s life like with you, if you feel so bold. Here’s my email.


  15. To think that I knew someone as brilliant as you and dated your brother. Fantastically awesome blog. Great stories, wonderful parenting insight. Thank you. If you haven’t already, write a book on raising a Red Sox Fans. I owe many of my fenway memories to your family. I cherish them. Five kids?@!!@?

  16. Errrrr RoboCrawf,

    Paul Cachion here. I’m lovin’ this action. I enjoyed the blog, and am very psyched for your appointment to VP of the Red Sox Nation. I wish you luck with fulfilling your duties (even shooting folks in the face; or is that a differnt VP role?).

    Sweet song too, my man. I’ve got to get to work on one for the Phils.

    – Forno

  17. Just posted the new info that is listed on the Sox web page: http://www.redsox.com on my Blog – Boston Baseball Heads. Red Sox Nation Membership is posted for all. Our good buddy Rob Crawford is pictured with Remy on the promo for membership. Nice deal for SOX fanaticts.

  18. Congrats on getting Vice President.. you must be trilled. Enjoy it, you only live once!

  19. Aloha Rob,

    Your photos of your boys and baseball
    triggers fond memories when my son Sean
    was young and a diamond boy. Aloha and my
    best to you and yours and say HI to Jane and Flo
    for me……….TOM

  20. Hope you had fun at the game Friday night! It was nice to meet you and your son…keep on blogging…it’s great!
    Btw…I’m still a Manny fan

  21. Catchy tune. Could be a classic. You sure are.
    Best to all of you Crawdaddies. It was good to hear your voice.

  22. Greetings~

    My name is Jordanna Preer-Gudermuth and I was a dear friend and classmate of Justin Walker. I knew his mom, Leslie, and Justin and I were very close during our high school years. I went by the nickname ‘Jordi’.

    I have been searching for him since before his role in Clueless to no avail. Should you have contact with him would you kindly pass along this message. I now have Multiple Sclerosis and I am just searching for friends and family that I have not had the opportunity to reach out to.

    Thank you, in advance, for your efforts.
    PS: note the zero in the email address*

    Mrs. Jordanna Preer-Gudermuth

  23. Hey Rob — Would love your recommendations on:


    Thanks and may the Sox win streak continue!!


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