No East Coast Kids Saw This

There are two minutes left in game four, and the Celtics are up by 4. The Celtics have just overcome a 24-point deficit, on the road, for one of the greatest comebacks in NBA Finals history. My 9 year-old son would have loved to have seen this. Too bad the game started an hour after his bedtime (though we let him stay up, and he made it through the first quarter before passing out on the couch). A whole generation of future Celtics fans is missing the creation of new Celtics legends — even if they want to see it live. They’ll have to settle for seeing the highlights on Sports Center tomorrow. I know it’s a business. I know that’s why the games start so late (9:00pm) and end so late (about 11:45pm). I get it. That doesn’t mean it’s not a real shame, though.

One response to “No East Coast Kids Saw This

  1. Honestly, that the game on Sunday is also starting at 9:00 PM is absolutely absurd. I know LA is 3 hours earlier, but if I’m to believe what I read, which is that the Lakers fans feel about the Lakers the way Sox fans feel about the Sox, then they’ll watch a 3:00 start. They can go surfing anyday of the freagin’ year. Of course, I don’t believe for a second that the Lakers fans feel for the Lakers the way Sox fans feel for the Sox. That’s evident by their pathetic reliance on piped in claps to make noise in the first qtr of the games. Go Sox! Go Celtics!

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