I’m A Member of Red Sox Nation (song)


Tina Cervasio and Rob CrawfordYou’ve heard it blasting through open windows in cars zooming by…. you’ve heard kids singing it in the streets…. you’ve heard it on the NESN pre-game show…. you’ve heard it on the “juke box” at Fenway Park …. now, you can hear the whole song in its full glory – or download it for free! (To listen to the song on your computer’s speakers, click on the song title below. To download the song from a Mac, option-click on the song title below. To download the song from a PC, right-click on the song title below.)

I’m a Member of Red Sox Nation, music and lyrics by Rob Crawford, Dan Page, and Michele Page (ASCAP)

I’m a member of Red Sox Nation, it’s a kind of a family
Wherever I roam, my Fenway home, that’s where I long to be
I’m a member of Red Sox Nation, it’s a kind of insanity
Yeah, I’ll live and die, with Red Sox pride, for eternity

(Verse 1)
I fake a smile, November until Opening Day
Suffering baseball withdrawal around the clock
When April comes, hey, meet me down on Yawkey Way
That’s when Red Sox Nation starts to rock


(Verse 2)
I sleepwalk through the days when there’s a West Coast swing
Married to the TV and the radio
For tickets in October I’d give anything
Still payin’ Red Sox debts from long ago


(Verse 3)
My mama told me bedtime tales ’bout number nine
My daddy taught me how Yastrzemski tracked down flies
Dirty Water, Tessie, and Sweet Caroline
Now I sing them to my kids as lullabies


To learn more about the making of I’m A Member of Red Sox Nation, go to my article, Birth of a Song.

32 responses to “I’m A Member of Red Sox Nation (song)

  1. THIS SONG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  2. Barbara Marshall

    Rob – great song! You deserve to win!!!

  3. This is so cool Mr. Crawford! great to hear that you are doing so well! i will definitely vote for you for president!!

  4. Just the best song I’ve heard lately. Wishing you much success. Will send along to my son in Iraq and spread the word in USA as well.

  5. Awesome song, Rob. It is good to see that this Derby Brother is doing well. 5 kids, Mr. Crawford?? You have my vote!!!

  6. Rob – Congratulations on your tremendous Red Sox Nation Tradmark Song. I can not get the tune out of my head. There is not much room in there!

    I have posted your letter on my Blog and have also asked all Members of Yawkey Nation to join in and vote – early and often for Rob Crawford for President of Red Sox Nation!

    Good luck from your friends in the Thomas A. Yawkey Baseball League of Boston. We are all proud of you.

  7. Bravo! I love the addition of the kids and the stadium sounds at the end. More! More!

  8. Nice song and cute video. You got my vote.

  9. Rob…congratulations! Great song. We sing it

    all the time. Good Luck! You deserve to win.

  10. Bruce Tetreault

    This is pretty amazing…good luck with the campaign!

    Your section 4 partner – Bruce Tetreault

  11. Rob! Good luck! What a great song! I posted a link to it on my blog (which you’ve already seen — sheesh, you’re quick!) because I think everyone needs to know about this. :)


  12. Rob,

    We were a year apart at BHS. Congrats on your run for president. You got my vote.

    p.s. If you need a San Francisco ambassador, I’m your man.

  13. Rob Crawford. 20 years ago in college, I hired you to show up at my friend’s dorm room and sing Happy Birthday to her on her 21st birthday. When I accidentally tuned into the Red Sox Nation Presidential debates last week and they introduced Regular Rob Crawford, I thought, is that the same guy? Couldn’t be. It’s a common name. So I checked out your website and was delighted to see it was the same guy!

    Love the song (I too can’t get it out of my head) and it’s nice to see you’re still exercising your great singing chops. Congratulations on doing so well in the election, and hey, if Remy should become unable to perform the duties of president, that means you will become the next president of Red Sox Nation.

    Take care,
    Ann Jackman ’88

  14. Hi Rob!
    You don’t know me, but I’m a reading teacher in Saugus, MA. We have been singing songs to gear up for the World Series. We have been singing “I Don’t Dance” from HS Musical and ‘The Greatest’ by Kenny Rogers. I just printed up your lyrics. We will be “Reading” and singing your song now too!
    Thanks for the new materail, the kids will love it!

  15. i think this is a wonderful song, but if i could only find away to put the song on my myspace then id be in good shape. and i love ur blog on keep kids up late my aunt read it and it has been working since. im 14 but with soccer and practice and games all the time im always tired so your little techniques worked =] thanks

    and go sox its our year =]

  16. Hi

    My band, The Digbees, has recorded a Red Sox song called ‘Fenway Lights’. It’s getting lots of radio airplay north of Boston, particularly on The Shark, WSCA, WHEB, WOKQ and WBLM. The Portsmouth Herald did a front page article which you can see here;

    Also, WHDH Channel 7 News out of Boston came up and did a segment on the song. You can see the clip on our website, http://www.digbees.com/video.html.

    We would like to submit the song for the approval of the Red Sox Nation. Perhaps it can become a new anthem? You can hear the song here; http://www.digbees.com/Fenway_Lights.mp3.

    We look forward to hearing from you!Please feel free to call anytime.

    Bruce Hilton
    The Digbees

  17. Yes, Yankees S__K. But isn’t The Nation much bigger than the negative and bad blood between the two teams. I’d much rather be known for the Red Sox Angels than the Yankees S__K. Let’s welcome the Yankee fans to Fenway and let it be a positive experience and who knows, maybe The Nation will change The World! It’s already killed a Curse!

  18. Hey Rob..COngrulations !!! Your song is awesome, i loved it, my kid loved, my whole family and now friends..Thanks Man! I had the pleasure of meeting You breefly at Christmas at Fenway in 2007 and honestly till now, I didnt know about your song. I am also a member of RSN and my son is member of RSKN also. Looking forward to be at the Fens for the Opening day. I’d like to hear your song being played there, I want to sing it out loud with the whole Fenway Faithful around. Congratulations again!!

  19. I am from Dighton Mass. originally now live in California. Tell Jerry when he comes to Ca. he needs to reach me to talk about the West Coast part of the Nation. Dighton did beat Somerset in football!

    Great Song–easy for prople to sing—

    It will be passed out to fans–Red Sox –at Angel stadium for sure—Listen to us sing it.

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  21. Ted Whittemore

    Rob: I have a great story about two guys at my Hartford, CT law firm who saw two games, one no hitter last year, and one a short while ago. Want to see the letter, hear the story and blog about it??

    Ted Whittemore
    Dmouth 90

  22. I’m born and raised in Boston and have been going to Sox games since 1950 and I’m tired of Red Sox nation. What started as a nice idea has turned into a pink hatted elitist group of yuppies whose ceaseless droning about the Sox has little to do with the game. Combine that with a President Remy, who you have to pay a fee on his website to even email him. This is not my Red Sox nation…keep it, you self-absorbed, elitists. I’ll stick with the team, not you. Remy needs to go.

  23. Rob,

    I am going to use the song for yet another party, this time a 60th B’day party for a clercial colleague where we will be celebrating at the Harvard Club. Look out, this may replace Fair Harvard!

    The song is timeless. Thanks for the gift.

    Rev TBK

  24. Don’t you just love people with impeccable taste in music — like Tom Kennedy.

  25. The family just dusted off “Opening Day” to get ready for tomorrow–and to be sure it plays over the loudspeakers at Fenway during todays 2pm workout….and maybe even pre game tomorrow…..

  26. Another B’day party where this song will be sung (08/28/09). This time in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, 70th b’days for dear friends, former Newton residents and life long members of RSN. By the way, we need to get the powers to be in the front office of 4 Yawkey Way to start playing this in the fifth inning and eventually it will replace Sweet Caroline which is beginning to run its course.

    Can’t wait for your next song…or blog addition. “Your winning is the goal but is not the point” needs to be shared with every little league coach in the world!

    Rev TBK

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