No More Manny

In Theo I trust.

If he thinks this trade will help the Red Sox win another World Series ring, then I guess it really is time for Manny to go.

That said, it’s hard to fathom that the Boston Red Sox just let one of the greatest right-handed hitters of all time — a guy who helped the team win two World Series rings — walk out the door in the middle of a pennant race. The Yankees love this trade. Their fear of the Red Sox vanished at 4:20pm yesterday. Oh, and Joe Torre went to bed last night with a BIG smile on his face.

I am a fan. I am an emotional fan who loves Manny’s joyful, teddy bear personality, his majestic presence in the on-deck circle and batter’s box, and the way he wrecks pitches in the strike zone. I acknowledge that he was not the perfect competitor during his years in a Red Sox uniform. His jogging to first base sometimes drove me crazy. But in the same way a parent keeps loving his kids no matter what they do, nothing Manny ever did or said made me dislike the guy. It wasn’t blind affection. It was eyes-wide-open appreciation for a marvelous player I “knew” better than any other.

I will miss Manny and I will root for him as a Dodger. I hope he finds peace in L.A. and that this trade ends up being a great thing for him and his family.

Time to turn the page on the Manny years, one of the most amazing chapters we’ve ever experienced in Red Sox Nation. It’s Jason Bay time. The 2008 World Series MVP.

4 responses to “No More Manny

  1. Hey. I completely agree with you in these last several Manny posts. I am disappointed to see him go because – bottom line – he is just so fun to watch. I guess I can relate to the childlike behavior and joie de vivre… I couldn’t believe how many people had the “good riddance” attitude… but, much like in all relationships, you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

  2. Manny was a great Red Sox Player. But he was poison. He was selfish. He was arrogant. He was not a team player. I hope Joe Torre doesn’t put up with his antics like Tito did. He was no different than a child who constantly missbehaves because he craves attention from his parents. Any attention. Those children actually respond great when finally an adult disciplines them and possitive attention follows. My 8 year old asked “why did they trade Manny Mommy? ” Because he was a malcontent. “What’s a malcontent?” Someone who is so unhappy and miserable that he makes everyone around him unhappy and miserable. “Do we still have Big Papi?” Yes, we still have Big Papi. “Okay, can I have a snack?” Enough said.

  3. Was Karma at work here? Short of San Diego (literally) the Sox could not have sent Manny any further geographically than Los Angeles. (Seattle is closer)
    And by sending him to the NL, the Sox guaranteed that he would not show up at Fenway several times a season to relieve himself in the scoreboard.
    Hey, visit my Blog, and consider voting for me for Governor of Red Sox Nation Texas!

  4. I couldn’t agree any more. Manny was a fan favorite but his time was up. I think Theo made a wise decision and ended up getting a great younger player in Jason Bay.

    Also, by the way, thank you very much for the other day. I enjoyed meeting you, Remy, and the rest. I submitted an idea I had for the community project for the RSKN to your e-mail. I was wondering if you could reply back with your thoughts. My e-mail is
    Thanks so much once again.

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