Manny Being Magnanimous

About a week ago, my dad wrote an email to an unknown person who had left some great comments on my blog during the Red Sox Nation campaign. He wanted to say “hello” and “thanks for the support.” This “mystery commenter” immediately wrote back, revealing herself to be an old friend of my father’s and telling an amazing story about an encounter with Manny Ramirez on the day of the Rolling Rally. The story is too good to not share with Red Sox Nation on this blog. Here are excerpts from that email…

Dear Jim,
Whoo Hoo!  Yes, c’est moi!  Some communications are best kept secret until they aren’t secret any more!  And here is a story for you!  There is something in the wind …

I am a Red Sox fan, but “one step removed,” not having frequented a game for some twenty years, if truth be told … however, I am a total fan of sport as a way of building character, sense of fair play, earnest and skilled competition, and a profound sense of the holy AND totally identify as a member of Red Sox Nation. A number of people who are my clients for consultation, etc. are wildly active members of Red Sox Nation … and for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, on Tuesday [the day of the Rolling Rally], I wore a Red Sox tee-shirt given to me by one of my clients who knew I was watching every single game during the playoffs and World Series.

So, continuing my story … to my dismay, due to work obligations and deadlines re: a written project, I wasn’t really able to go to THE PARADE. But I did wear my Red Sox tee-shirt all day!  And, at 4:30 p.m yesterday [the day of the parade], I had an appointment to provide consultation for a colleague who has significant vision problems, so I go to her home for our meetings. Her home is located in the Ritz condo building off Tremont Street.  Arriving 15 minutes early, I sat for a bit in the (ever so nice) lobby, wearing my Red Sox tee-shirt.  And, while reading there, wearing my Red Sox tee-shirt, in walked none other than Manny Ramirez (this is the building where he lives), who noticed me sitting and wearing my Red Sox tee-shirt, came right over, sat down in the seat right across from me and struck up a 15-MINUTE conversation with me!!! 

He was as nice and interesting and conversationally engaged as a person could be and we talked about a range of related topics including: my congratulations to him and to the team, my appreciation for all they give to so many of us who just love the team and Red Sox Nation, what Red Sox Nation means to children, how wonderful it is to “get lost for three hours+” in a GREAT game in a world where so many tragic and terrible realities occur, how important it is for skill and practice and fun to be combined in people’s minds and experience, when the players will get their World Series Champion rings, how great it is that there is a President and Vice President of Red Sox Nation, what Manny finds interesting about Boston, how Boston is different from Cleveland, and how he feels about his fans.  (He told me he loves them — “it’s all for the fans!”)  He talked about the parade and the reaction of the fans and the whole of Red Sox Nation. Then, after fifteen minutes of chatting, I had to get to my meeting and he had to get going too, and as I headed toward the elevator, the concierge said to me: “Unbelievable!  Manny never does that — you just had a fifteen minute private audience with Manny!” And I said, “Yes, and what a delightful, very nice, sweet, and interesting person he is!”

WOW! Life is full of surprises!  And how wonderful!

4 responses to “Manny Being Magnanimous

  1. Rob: a great story. I appreciated your telling it again. I’ll try to forwazrd it to Liz.

  2. You know….only the press say/write bad things about Manny. No teammate, former or present, no manager, no front office person ever has a negative thing to say about the guy. Great story. I’m glad we’ve got Manny for at least one more yera. Go Sox.

  3. No comment.. just a request.. as follows:
    RE: Request to use your pictures

    Dear Mr. Crawford:

    This past October I had fun visiting your Crawdaddy Cove website. I came upon it accidentally, when searching the web for pictures. Congratulations on becoming the VP of the Red Sox nation. I am very happy for you!

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