Sox in Seven

OK, so several people have emailed me, begging the Vice President of Red Sox Nation to blog about the rest of this Cleveland series. When Rem Dawg appointed me, he gave me a crystal ball, and this is what I see:

Sox will win tonight. Beckett is pitching. Beckett is like the ace of spades, he beats all comers.

Sox will then come home for game 6 on a big high, very confident, and Curt Schilling was born to win do-or-die game 6’s. One way or another, he (and the team) will find a way to win.

Then we’ll have game 7 in Fenway. The Indians players won’t be able to shake that fear that they’re about to choke away a 3-1 series lead. The Sox will KNOW they’re going to win, having taken the last two in a row. We’ll be ready to throw a committee out there (Daisuke, Okajima, Lester, Timlin, Papelbon) but we won’t need to because the Sox will slug their way to a dominating no-doubter.

Rockies, beware.

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