“Regular Rob” runs for president of Red Sox Nation

President of Red Sox NationYes, I am the “Regular Rob” who is running for president of Red Sox Nation – against quite a formidable group of “Nation notables.” I thought about starting a new blog for my campaign, but using my existing blog is just so much more convenient. Plus, it gives potential voters a chance to learn more about me from the other blog entries I’ve written since I started this blog in November, 2006, when I was writing for an audience of about 47 — on a very good day.

You will notice that my last entry, prior to this one, was written near the end of March. Why did I stop writing? Same reason I started: baseball season. In November, when I wrote my first blog entry, the 2006 baseball season had recently ended and I had time on my hands in the evenings after the kids were in bed. On April 2, the major league baseball season started, and I suddenly didn’t have that time anymore. I was glued to the Sox games on NESN and ESPN’s Baseball Tonight again, as well as managing my Yahoo fantasy baseball team in hopes of ending my brother’s remarkable seven-year reign in the Crawdaddy League.

So, I’m back (I know, you never knew I was gone), and it’s not even November yet. If elected president of Red Sox Nation, I’ll be a frequent blogger on my family’s Red Sox Nation experience, on baseball and Red Sox memories of mine, and on any current Red Sox Nation topics I feel like addressing. I expect I’ll also reach out to Red Sox Nation through this blog to ask my compatriots for their thoughts, opinions, and ideas, so I can serve both the Red Sox organization and Red Sox Nation by being an effective liaison between the fans and the team.

So, if I’ll be blogging as president of RSN on these topics, why not blog on these topics now? I think I will…. should be fun….. though I’ll need to learn to write late at night while watching baseball on the tube….

One response to ““Regular Rob” runs for president of Red Sox Nation

  1. We want Rob! We want Rob!!
    And I DID notice the cessation of entries. You’re definitely on my “favorites”!

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